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Heavy Rains, Snow, and Man Main Cause of Car Accidents This Week in Metro Atlanta

January 17, 2013

Georgia drivers have felt the need to be extremely cautious on the roads this week as rain moved in, disrupting the fluidity of both morning and evening commutes. Roads slick with water and drivers anxious to make it to work on time have made both the highways and surface streets difficult and dangerous to travel, with car accidents only adding to the frustration. Unfortunately, the need for extreme caution cannot be abandoned any time soon as the inclement weather has made no signs of moving on, and indeed, promises only to escalate. The National Weather Service has issued a winter weather advisory for metro Atlanta through Friday morning, on top of a flood watch for the area. Car accident attorneys know this means that the city is sure to see additional car wrecks before the week's end.

Man is not the only one to blame for the increase in accidents this week. Natural disasters brought on by the advent of rain are at fault as well. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, heavy rains may be at fault for the 6-foot by 10-foot sinkhole that completely "swallowed a lane of Lyle Circle near Collins Hill Road" in Lawrenceville, Georgia. The article further reports that one car was damaged by the hole before city officials heard about it. Trees downed by the weather have contributed to motor vehicle damage as well. The very tentative promise of snow and ice moving in Thursday afternoon/Friday morning is sure to only exacerbate the problem.

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