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The number of bicycle accidents across the country rose by 9 percent between 2008 and 2017, a grim reminder of the growing number of bicyclists on our roads and the risks they face every day. In order to tackle the growing threat to bicyclist safety, the Governors’ Highway Safety Association has joined hands with Uber Eats, the online food delivery platform, to educate bicyclists about the need to ride safely.

The Governors’ Highway Safety Association is a non-profit advocacy group that aims to promote efforts to keep all users of the roads, including bicyclists, safe. Uber Eats has a strong presence in many American cities, including the metro Atlanta region. Uber Eats and the Governors’ Highway Safety Association have come up with a set of eight tips for bicyclists to stay safe on the roads. The tips, although developed by Uber Eats for its thousands of bicyclist delivery boys across the country, are nevertheless also applicable to all bicyclists.

The Bicycle Delivery Safety Tips booklet advises all bicyclists to choose a bicycle that fits them correctly. This means that you should be able to extend your leg fully while pedaling.   A test to make sure you have the proper size bike is to see if your feet can reach the ground when you are seated on the bicycle.

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